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Hi, This a demo post of Logdown.

Logdown use Markdown as main syntax, you can find more example by reading this document on Wikipedia

Logdown also support drag & drop image uploading. The picture syntax is like this:

Bloging with code snippet:

inline code

Plain Code

puts "Hello World!"

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puts "Hello World!"

Code with Title

puts "Hello World!"

MathJax Example


Inline Mathjax

The answser is .

Table Example

Tables Are Cool
col 1 Hello $1600
col 2 Hello $12
col 3 Hello $1
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For individuals that are fond of games that are interesting, Clash of Clans is the latest sense. From fight to defending team, this game is created to check your thinking abilities, planning want and skills to acquire. Unlike others, we don't believe in discussing methods that may scam the game and make it a simple triumph. Rather, our focus is on sharing techniques and tips which help you to to understand the game gradually with no nasty perform. These tips are really easy and may easily be included in your gaming program that is daily. If you have any issues pertaining to where by and how to use hack clash of clans, you can get hold of us at the web site.

First things first, let us speak regarding the support techniques:

-When some thing new is created by you in the game, it's going to be emphasized. Whatever you must do is re-member to join all the highlights collectively leaving no holes. This can strengthen your defensive team which makes it difficult for the enemy to break through.

-Do some urban planning. Yes! When you are building villages in the clash of clans, we'd highly recommend you to work with the basic principles of urban-planning to be able to build a property that is closely spread. After all, such closely spaced hamlets are easier to protect than those spread over a sizable area, aren't they?

-Add more weapons to your defence. As you progress in the sport, be sure you add more variety to your assortment of weapons. Besides strengthening your defence, the unique skills of those arms will come in quite helpful when attempting to withhold an enemy attack.

Moving on, let us discuss about the component that is attacking.

Preferably, the scheme that is attacking depends upon your ultimate aim in the match. Consider whether you want to gather gold. Basis the answer to the issue, your scheme that is attacking will also change at every stage in the game. But the important things to keep in mind would be to keep upgrading group or your gold to the maximum. Your chances of winning the game will certainly boost. One simple trick that we might suggest would be to keep attacking villages which might be piling gold. Whenever you secure a success such battles, your may also increase as well as the number of gold.

Placed in the medieval times, this sport is an interesting alternative that will keep all engaged through the evening. Also, once you master methods and the tips of playing better, the fun quotient of the game can be sure to increase.

There really are a lot of players who perform Clash of Clans throughout the world and this offers you the chance to team up with tribes which were developed by players from different states and can also compete against other clans. This makes the sport far more interesting as there will be plenty of different methods that gamers will us and the unpredictability factor is added to by this. The sport is easy to understand and perform, where the the gamer abilities are tested, but getting the proper technique is.

To perform Clash of Clans, you may have to down load the Clash of Clans app in the Apple shop as well as the writer highlights on the different options that come with the app and also the precautions that must be taken by parents to stop misuse of the sport program by kids.